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Writing down a few thoughts that I have had pressing me is something that I have wanted to do for quite a while now. Not for the sake of anyone really seeing it, but there is something about writing that’s helps us release and let go of things that I wouldn’t want to say out loud. So obviously screaming it into the void that is the internet makes so much more sense.

Hey I know that guy!

Recently my friend and I have been talking about the peaks and the valleys of life. How to experience the full joys at the top of life, we also must go through the valleys of tribulations and hard times. I have had my fair share of both in the last couple of weeks. Experiencing some amazing moments behind my camera, sharing some amazing days with close friends, and pushing my athletic ability farther than I thought I would be able too. All of these moments have been all the more rewarding due to the shitstorm that I was about to experience. 

"No Bad Days"

The van I had just purchased completely imploded (rip Jasmine), Visas were rejected (due to lack of Instagram followers), camera lenses stopped working (because why not), and to be honest I was at my wits end. And more importantly the end of my finances as well. It was gob smacking just how fast everything could change. Like getting chocolate and finding its all fruit and coconut filled. So disappointing and a lil’ frustrating. This all led to a moment I had while walking to work (Van imploded remember?) thinking about how much this situation was a real kick in the nuts when, right on cue, it started to rain. This could only mean a) I was in a Disney movie and this is my cue to start singing about the troubles of life, or b) these situations felt so horrible because of the joys I had become so accustomed to. Sure I work hard for what I have, but I haven’t had to overcome any major obstacles to achieve my goals like so many others have too. I am a white dude living in New Zealand…that reality put things into perspective.

It is moments like these that define who will we be. The moments when you’re counted out and overlooked. The conflict, the contrast of character that sees us rise or fall. (Sounds like something batman would say) Needless to say I did my best to rise to the occasion and smile in the face of impending doom. Or debt. Practically the same thing right? After I changed my mindset I saw the peak from the valley I was in. Knowing that this bitterness would make success that much sweeter. That much more worth the struggle. So I have kept marching on. Still pursing photography, still freezing at night chasing that one photo that’s going to write my own way ticket to the top. At this point what is there to loose?

I chase a dream that is my own

Intelligence would say nay but upon my heart it is sown